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On Saturday Dec.3 2016, Caring Carroll volunteers along with volunteers from Westminster Baptist Church helped to move a Care Receiver to a new apartment. 



Jean K.,  2/18/18        " I wanted to thank you all for the beautiful birthday card I got today that you coordinated with the 4-H Club", (Centaurs 4-H) " That was so thoughtful and so sweet. And I thank you so much. It made my day. And I also wanted to tell you how great ( my volunteer ) is. She's been helping me a little around the house and she's just wonderful! She actually showed up today with flowers for my birthday, beautiful roses. What a lovely person! You all are such a great organization! When you have your next fundraiser, let me know. I want to send you a check."













A Care Receiver Tribute to Caring Carroll

"Caring Carroll is a wonderful, much needed public service organization that provides help to those individuals who need some assistance with daily activities that most people take for granted. It makes the difference between their being able to live independently and stay in their homes in many cases. Since I have personally been the recipient of their services, I can attest to their willingness to help and their generosity of spirit. One of the volunteers took me to a much needed doctor’s appointment; he was quite patient because this particular visit took an exceptionally long time.

There is also a lovely lady and her daughter who, fortunately, live close by. They have come to visit and chat; they have also taken me grocery shopping and helped me carry in the groceries. They have also gone to the store for me to pick up some vital supplies. One day, she even came to my home and carried in a new microwave that the delivery man had just left on my porch; she even set it up for me and disposed of the packaging. In addition, they call me and invite me to activities they are attending if they think I would enjoy going as well. 


My experience with this group has been quite positive. Caring Carroll is a very vital group of people who make life so much easier for those of us who need a little help in our daily lives. It has been a wonderful experience."



Volunteer Stories


     A volunteer and board member for nearly four years, Carole Roberts has served Caring Carroll by providing transportation to clients across the county. When asked about her experience with the organization, Carole immediately cried, “I love it!” Carole has always enjoyed helping others and continues to be moved by the gratitude of our clients.


    Diane Bastress says her favorite part of volunteering with Carroll County is the people that she meets, emphasizing that, “the lives of these people are amazing.” She began volunteering with Caring Carroll when she saw a piece in her church’s bulletin, and after two years of service, Diane is able to reflect on the difference her efforts make in the lives of the people she works with. In many cases, she says, our clients would not be able to live independently without the work of our volunteers.


    Gary Abrecht has been volunteering with Caring Carroll for three years, and provides invaluable service to our clients through light housework and friendly visits. Gary sees the necessity of the services Caring Carroll provides, saying, “Without Caring Carroll’s services, [our clients] may not be able to live independently.” His involvement with Caring Carroll has allowed him to develop personal relationships with the people serves––an aspect of his work he finds particularly rewarding. “Friendships and relationships are what I keep going back to.” he says. “I wish I had more time to devote to Caring Carroll, because what it does for the community is commendable.”


        A veteran of the United States Armed Forces, Donald Huff was eager for a way to give back to other former service members and was delighted when he was matched with a retired veteran in Carroll County. “Veterans––and all older folks––should be given the courtesy and love they deserve.” He says. Donald feels that he gets as much out of his volunteering as his client does, remarking, “the older generation is very wise and they could teach us a lot if we would take the time to listen.” He continued, “It’s heart-warming to know that people still care about older folks and that there’s an organization in our community that does what Caring Carroll does.”



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