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In 2019, the Lifebridge Clean and Green Team provided over 60 hours of assistance to Caring Carroll Care Receivers.

On Saturday Dec.3 2016, Caring Carroll volunteers along with volunteers from Westminster Baptist Church helped to move a Care Receiver to a new apartment. 

Since 2018, The Centaurs 4-H Club of Woodbine have made birthday cards for the Caring Carroll Care Receivers

The Care-Receiver Volunteer Relationship...Priceless

        My relationship with my care receiver, "Miss Pat", lasted for over 2-1/2 years.  When I first volunteered with Caring Carroll, my goal was to help a care receiver remain independent in their own home and to productively fill-in some of my spare time.  What I did not expect was the wonderful relationship that developed between "Miss Pat" and I.  Although, age-related physical problems kept Miss Pat from completing the task that she had previously done, her desire to be productive and to enjoy life did not subside.  That is where I came in.  The two of us fell into a very personal and comfortable relationship.  I would take lunch to her every Tuesday and would then spend the rest of the afternoon with her.  We did whatever she felt like doing.  The afternoon might consist of weeding a garden, planting flowers, going to a movie, sorting through her family pictures, putting up Christmas decorations, making a trip to Walmart, or simply watching old TV shows and visiting. If the weather permitted, her preference was to be outside.  

        There was an approximate thirty-year age difference between us, but she was very knowledgeable about current events, and her memory of past events was very sharp.  Her physical limitations were frustrating to her and I am thankful that I could be her "helper".  I believe that we all need to view our elder population as a very valuable resource and to appreciate the experiences they can share with us.  She was a strong believer in the Catholic faith, who loved life and her family dearly.  The simplest things made her happy.  It was very rewarding to learn that giving just a little bit of time and energy can make an incredible difference in someone's life.  I feel privileged to have known her and hope that she enjoyed our time together as much as I did.


                                                                                                                           Linda D.

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